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New Option?

If you have a suggestion for a new feature in iSTRDYN, we would like to here from you.  All new options will be considered non-exclusive unless specifically requested otherwise.

iSTRDYN Technical Support:

Users of iSTRDYN are provided customer support as part of the license agreement.  This assistance consists of the following standard options:

  • Help line - all users will be given a dedicated phone number to call for help with installation, operation, or interpretation.  All calls will be handled by an engineer who is an expert with the program.
  • E-mail support - in addition to the help line, a separate e-mail address will be used to send in questions or problems.  Since the model file written by iSTRDYN is platform independent, this file can also be attached for review by the support engineers.  E-mail is also used to communicate program issues, workarounds, and improvements.

In addition to the included support, there are optional services that can be provided:

  • Installation - while the install program distributed with iSTRDYN is capable of placing the program on a single computer or network, an engineer can be sent to a customer site and handle all aspects of getting the program running and verifying operability.
  • Training - some users can be more productive in a shorter period by having specific training on using iSTRDYN with their products.  A dedicated training class can be tailored to user's needs, and will include instruction in defining, running, and interpreting models, along with other topics as requested.
  • Customizing - occasionally some type of custom programming is needed to allow improved productivity.  Examples are import of older model files or specific types of outputs.

Along with this direct support, a semi-annual newsletter will be sent to all registered users.  This newsletter will include tips, tricks, examples, problem resolution, and description of planned updates.  As the user community grows, we also plan to have annual user conferences, which will be announced in the newsletter.