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Operating Systems?

iSTRDYN was developed to run on any graphical environment, including Windows, Unix, Linux, Solaris, and even MacIntosh.

Purchasing iSTRDYN:

iSTRDYN is being distributed on a fee basis.  This means you do not buy a copy, instead you purchase a user license.  The term of this license depends on the version of the program you select.  There are two versions available:

  • Local  - the entire program is installed on a workstation or network server.  The license period is one year.  If installed on a single machine, the program will only operate on that computer.  Multiple users can access and run the network version.  Typically, companies with steady analysis needs will select this option.
  • Remote  - only the desktop client is installed on a local computer, with the execution performed on a managed host over the Internet.  The license period is one month.  Only one user at a time can run this version.  Normally, infrequent or occasional users will choose this option.  Note that in order to run this version, it is necessary for the client computer to remotely connect with our server over the Internet.  In some cases, firewalls may severely limit or prevent this connection.

If you have questions about which version is appropriate for your needs, and if that version is compatible with your computing environment, please contact us for consultation.  No matter which version is used, the model file written by the program resides on the client computer and can be transferred to/from different operating systems as desired.

With the Local version, after the initial license period expires, the license fee will drop to a support and maintenance level, which is a fraction of the first year price.  There is no reduction in the license cost with the Remote version for repeat customers.


Pricing Options

License fees for using iSTRDYN start with a basic linear version and then incrementally increase depending on which additional support options are selected:

  • Piecewise non-linear - definition of a non-linear force-deflection relationship in the radial and axial directions with an iterative solution
  • Rolling element bearings - specification of bearing properties in terms of geometry and lubricants with non-linear iterative solution
  • Fluid film bearings - selection of hydrodynamic or hydrostatic supports by specifying geometry and lubricants with non-linear iteration
  • Magnetic bearings - representation of a complete magnetic circuit model, consisting of sensors, controllers, amplifiers, and actuators, including frequency dependent transfer functions

Multiple user discounts will be provided.

For more details on pricing, please contact us for a quote.


Demo Version

To examine the suitability of iSTRDYN, a trial edition is available.  This is demo is a fully operating program that is the Local version with basic linear supports.  To obtain a copy of this demo, which is time-limited for 30 days, follow the downloading and installation instructions for the Local version below.

Since the demo is the actual program, it does not include any example files.  If you would like to have some sample model files sent to you, please let us know when you inquire about downloading the demo.


Downloading and Installation - Local and Remote Versions

To obtain a copy of either program version, the setup files are normally downloaded.  If desired, a CD can be provided for the Local version setup, although this method of distribution may incur sales tax.  Detailed instructions for downloading and installing both versions are contained in the file "Downloading and Installing iSTRDYN".  Please review this document before attempting to acquire and run the program.

* * * * * IMPORTANT NOTE * * * * *

Before starting any download, please contact us to get a Username and Password.  It is not possible to download either program version without these credentials.

Local Version

The process to download and install the Local version, for demo, desktop, or network use, involves the following steps:

  1. Download the setup file (93 MB) by clicking here.
  2. The Local install package is an executable file that when run will unpack and place the program on a single computer or network.  To begin the installation, run the setup file downloaded in Step 1.
  3. Specific instructions for installing iSTRDYN on a local area network are contained in the Local install package.  If you are downloading the Local version as a demo, it will only install as a desktop application.
  4. After running the installation program, iSTRDYN will be ready for use.  On Windows machines, a desktop icon and a Programs folder will be created.
  5. Initial installations of the Local version will be provided with a temporary license file, good for up to 90 days.  During this time, a permanent license must be obtained or the program will cease to operate.  Demo versions will have a 30 day license file.  The demo can be easily converted to a fully functional program without downloading the entire setup file.

Remote Version

To download the necessary client files to run the Remote version, the following steps are required:

  1. Make sure the most recent runtime version of Java is available on the client machine.  Click here to determine if a newer version is needed, and to download the appropriate files.
  2. Once the Java runtime is installed or verified, click here to begin the download and setup of the iSTRDYN client interface (11 MB).
  3. With the Remote version, only the client is installed.  When this process is complete, iSTRDYN is ready to run.
  4. There is no license file needed with the Remote version.


Although iSTRDYN is a complicated program, the installation of either version makes very few changes to the client file structure other than writing files to a user-specified folder and normally does not require the client and/or server to be restarted.