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More Questions?

If you have additional questions about iSTRDYN that are not answered on this page, please contact us directly.

Frequently Asked Questions about iSTRDYN:

Q:  Why would iSTRDYN be used instead of a regular rotor dynamics program?

iSTRDYN provides significantly more accuracy than traditional beam element rotor-bearing programs.  Beams overstate stiffness of conical structures, used in many rotating machines, and do not represent disk flexibility at all.  Calculations for rolling element and fluid film bearings are embedded directly in iSTRDYN, rather than being inefficiently linked to other programs with assumed load distributions.

Q:  Why would iSTRDYN be used instead of a general purpose finite element code?

While general purpose FEA codes do have 2D axisymmetric elements, none of these programs are particularly well suited to rotor dynamics.  For instance, defining a set of speed dependent linear support coefficients is difficult, and performing any bearing iterations is strictly a manual exercise.  iSTRDYN is specifically oriented towards rotor-bearing systems, and is not trying to supplant the more general codes.  It will take substantially more time to perform an analysis of a rotating machine using a general purpose FEA code, assuming the program can handle all speed dependent effects such as gyroscopics, than with iSTRDYN.

Q:  If I install iSTRDYN on a network, can it be used by several people?

Absolutely!  The program has been designed to be installed on a LAN, and operates very efficiently in this client-server arrangement.  Multiple users can have the client installed on their local desktops, and when ready to run an analysis, the server takes over and performs the calculations, sending the results back to the client when completed.  Each analysis is treated independently by the server, so several people can be running the program at one time.

Q:  How do I obtain a copy of iSTRDYN?

The program is normally distributed by downloading one of two versions - the first for a local install, the second for access over the Internet.  For customers who require a hard version of the distribution, such as on a CD, this is an option but may incur sales taxes.

Q:  How much does iSTRDYN cost?

There are numerous pricing options available to acquire the program.  Please contact us to discuss your particular needs.  In general, it is more expensive than traditional rotor dynamics programs but less than a general purpose FEA code.  Similar to CFD programs, iSTRDYN is not purchased outright but leased for a specific time period.

Q:  What happens if I have trouble using iSTRDYN?

We will fully support our product.  If you are having difficulties getting results, we will assist you directly, even over the phone.  When you call us, you will be talking with an engineer familiar with the program, not some call center.  You can send us your model file and we'll take a look to offer advice.  We will also provide training and installation support if desired.  Please refer to our support page for more information.

Q:  Is there a User's Manual for iSTRDYN?

Like most modern programs, there is no separate User Manual.  The program has a comprehensive help system that explains all features and options.  The help files are opened as a separate task on the desktop and can be referred to while interacting with the program.  We also offer direct support, training, and consulting services such as building models for inexperienced users.

Q:  Who is DynaTech Software LLC?

A company formed from DynaTech Engineering, Inc. and a group of private investors with the objective to design, develop, and market iSTRDYN to the rotating machinery community.  Half of the design and development funding came from a US Air Force SBIR contract.