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Other examples?

If you have an example you'd like to see run, contact us.  There is no obligation or cost involved should we decide to run it.

iSTRDYN Examples:

To illustrate the features and results produced by iSTRDYN, the following examples are available for downloading and review:

Simple Jeffcott rotor - Shows a relatively simple rotor constructed from point/line geometry, meshed, and run for natural frequencies and unbalance response.

Power Turbine using rolling element bearings - This model, which is shown on the home page, illustrates the definition of a relatively complicated turbine rotor from a CAD file, meshing, and then analyzing for steady stresses and heat transfer.  A set of linearized bearing coefficients are obtained and used to calculate natural frequencies and forced response.  Then the non-linear bearings are substituted and the same analyses are rerun.

Differences with the linear analysis, as shown in the response displacements below, are dramatic.  In the upper plot, the linear response is displayed, with a predicted critical speed at roughly 18,000 rpm.  In the lower figure, the non-linear solution shows a hardening response, with the critical speed pushed up to 29,000 rpm.  Note that these figures are created directly by iSTRDYN.

Generator using fluid film bearings - Describes the creation of a generator model from a CAD file, meshing, and using static loads to obtain bearing coefficients for use with natural frequency and forced response analyses.  The actual journal bearings are then defined and used to rerun the results.  Response with the actual bearing calculations is dramatically different compared with the assumed load solutions.  (This example will be posted in the near future).