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Latest News:
  • Visit us at the ASME TURBO EXPO, June 8-12, 2009 in Orlando, FL
  • Version 1.1.1 of iSTRDYN was released on April 8, 2008.  Updates were sent to all registered users.  A interim update will be released in mid-2009.
  • We are offering discounts on options for all purchases made in 2009.  Get the full program for almost the same cost as the base version!


iSTRDYN - integrated Stress, Thermal, and Rotor DYNamics for rotating machinery

Using current analysis tools, bearing mechanics, stress, and heat transfer calculations are carried out separately from rotor dynamics.  In contrast, iSTRDYN integrates stress, dynamics (including bearing analysis), and temperature calculations into a single, comprehensive package.  No other rotor dynamics or finite element program offers these integrated capabilities.  All of the necessary analysis modules are interconnected, with the key bearing properties interactively determined.  There is no manual iteration because iSTRDYN handles all convergence.

iSTRDYN is a modern, multi-platform, network enabled program.  All interaction is through a single graphical interface.  For ideal performance, iSTRDYN is designed to operate on a LAN, with the calculation engine on a server, and only the graphical user interface on various clients.  However, the modern design permits the program to be run on a single computer or even the Internet.  A comprehensive help system is available, and problem size is unlimited.  XML files can be used to import models, materials, and lubricants.  All graphical and text windows can be saved, even animated mode and response shapes.

For rotating machinery designers and analysts, iSTRDYN offers:

  • Improved accuracy - better geometry definition, direct calculation of support properties, and interconnected heat transfer
  • Decreased analysis time - all interactions are handled by the program, not by the user.  Get results in hours instead of days!
  • Increased productivity - a single user can perform a comprehensive heat transfer, stress, and dynamics analysis on a rotor-bearing system
  • Better products - all significant mechanical design aspects can be simulated and optimized
  • Lower life-cycle cost - more comprehensive and accurate analysis creates higher reliability in the field

If you are involved with rotating machinery design or analysis, you need to consider iSTRDYN.  For more details, please look at the examples and features pages.